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Four Sisters

How it all started...

Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, Sarah Spooner's journey into the world of fashion began with her grandmother's captivating tales of bridal markets in New York City. Frances, one of the Four Sisters, ignited Sarah's passion for fashion as she told stories of her role as a wedding dress buyer for Younkers, a division of the renowned department store, Macy's. These stories, filled with glamour and style, planted the seeds in Sarah's heart to create a unique shopping experience in her hometown.

After completing three years of study at the University of Kansas, Sarah returned to her roots in Omaha to finish her education at the University of Nebraska - Omaha, immersing herself in the small business entrepreneurship program. It was during her recovery from minor surgery in 2011 that Sarah experienced a moment of clarity – the realization that it was time to turn her lifelong dream of owning a women’s clothing boutique into a reality.

Driven by her passion and fueled by years of networking, research, and meticulous planning, Sarah's vision took shape. In March 2015, the doors of Four Sisters Boutique opened to the public. Named in honor of her grandmother Frances and her three sisters, the boutique seamlessly blends tradition with contemporary flair, catering to women of all ages.

And since then...

As the boutique flourished, Sarah recognized the importance of embracing the digital landscape. Within months of its brick-and-mortar debut, Four Sisters Boutique launched its online store, extending its reach beyond Omaha to customers across the United States. This strategic move allowed fashion enthusiasts nationwide to discover the unique styles curated by Sarah and her team of 20 women.

Sarah Spooner

Today, Four Sisters Boutique stands as a testament to Sarah Spooner's entrepreneurial spirit and her unwavering dedication to her craft. With its blend of timeless elegance and contemporary charm, the boutique offers a curated selection of clothing and accessories that celebrate individuality and style.

Get to know us personally on social media! Follow us on instagram (@foursistersboutique) for a behind the scenes look at our day to day, outfit inspo and more.

We at Four Sisters Boutique love to hear from our shoppers. DMs, emails, and tags of you wearing our clothing inspire us and truly make our day!

Thank you for being a part of our family and supporting our small business.

High res photo of the original Four Sisters

Meet the Four Sisters

Beginning with Sarah Spooner’s great-grandfather, Russian immigrant Hyman Osoff, retail runs in the family. Hyman Osoff arrived in America with $17 to his name, worked hard and became the owner of Osoff’s Hardware – initially located on 16th and Davenport in Omaha, Nebraska. Osoff had four daughters; Pearl, Frances, Roselle, and Evelyn – locally known as “The Beautiful Osoff Girls.” Spooner says, “I wanted a store with a story,” and by dedicating her store to these four sisters, she found that.

The oldest, Pearl, was the prim one, rarely seen with a hair out of place. She refused to wear white shoes after Labor Day and was one of the last women in Omaha to wear slacks because she did not consider them proper for women.

Frances, Spooner’s grandmother, was known as the fashionista. She was described as sophisticated, trendy, and had the stature to wear anything with confidence. In her occupation as a head of the bridal department in Yonkers, she made every bride feel like a movie star. “She was classy, stylish, and really cared about her clientele,” says Spooner, who would make her grandmother proud with her success in Four Sisters Boutique.

Roselle, the golden one, moved to Los Angeles, California, after college and embodied the West Coast lifestyle. Roselle is the only sister still with us and is now 98 years old.

Evelyn, the youngest sister, was known as the perky one. She had a talent for singing and dancing, and her clothes often reflected her colorful personality.

With each of their personalities in mind, Spooner did her best to honor each individual style within the design process of the store: from the interior design to the shopping bags, the window displays to the website, Sarah Spooner has an eye for detail that these four sisters would have been proud of.



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